Education Without Barriers



Organised by – Dr. Amod Manocha, Dr. Puneet Sharma & Dr Ashish Shetty

Supported by - Max Institute of Medical Excellence

This educational program in Pain Medicine is designed to simplify training and education in the field of Pain Medicine. All health care workers caring for patients in pain are welcome to attend. This program is aimed at benefitting patients by bridging gaps in knowledge & strengthening the foundations of health care workers. It will be delivered as a series of lectures and live demo sessions in a convenient format enabling active engagement of participants.

The audience is NOT limited to a specific subgroup (Doctors/ Nurses/ Physiotherapists etc) or a specific specialty (such as Pain Specialists / Anaesthetists /sports medicine etc) or a specific grade (PG trainees/medical students /residents/consultants etc). All health care workers can attend. They can selectively attend sessions of interest and are welcome to suggest topics for future sessions based on their unmet needs.

The highlights include:

Starting: June 2019

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